I have a Dr. Scient. (PhD) degree in computer science from Department of Informatics, University of Oslo. Below you'll find a short summary of my educational degrees.

[Dr. Scient. (PhD)] [Cand. Scient. (MSc)] [Cand. Mag. (B)]

Dr. Scient. (PhD) in Computer Science

TITLE: Improving I/O Performance of Multimedia Servers
Published by Unipub forlag, ISSN 1501-7710, No. 161
SOFTWARE: The INSTANCE OS enhancements (the NetBSD source tree includig MMBUF (zero-copy), network level framing (packet preprocessing), RDTSC-probes, etc.)
SUPERVISORS: Prof. Vera Goebel
Prof. Thomas Plagemann
COMMITEE: Prof. Kai Li (Princeton University, NJ, USA)
Prof. Hermann Haertig (Dresden University of Technology, Germany)
Associate Prof. Otto Anshus (University of Tromsų, Norway)
DATE OF DEFENCE: 24th September 2001
TRIAL LECTURE: Compare Principles and Practice of the Micro-Kernel Approach Versus the Extensible Systems Approach to building Complex Systems
WORKING PLACE: UniK/IFI, University of Oslo
TIME PERIOD: 1st January 1998 - 1st August 2001
PROJECT: INSTANCE (Intermediate Storage Node Concept)
FOUNDING: Norwegian Research Council
COURSES: UNIKI 305 (Protocols for Multimedia Communication)
MNVIT 401 (Theory of Science)
IN MOS (Modern Operating Systems)
IN 364 (Systemutvikling - teori og modeller)
UNIKI 330 (Modern Database Systems)

Cand. Scient. (MSc) in Computer Science

THESIS TITLE: Buffer Management in Multimedia Systems
[abstract | .pdf | .ps.Z] (in Norwegian)
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Vera Goebel
WORKING PLACE: UniK/IFI, University of Oslo
TIME PERIOD: February 1996 - May 1997
COURSES: OOPIBETA (Object Oriented programming in BETA)
IN 305 (Parallel programming and operating systems)
IN 312 (Computer networks)

Cand. Mag. in Computer Science

WORKING PLACE: IFI, University of Oslo
TIME PERIOD: August 1990 - May 1995 (1 year in the military in 1992)
COURSES: IN 102 (Programming laboratory)
IN 105 (Basic programming)
IN 110 (Algorithms and data structures)
IN 112 (File management and data modeling)
IN 140 (Machine language)
IN 142 (Operating systems)
IN 174 (Computer architechtures)
IN 210 (Algorithms and efficiency)
IN 211 (Programming languages)
IN 212 (Database theory)
IN 217 (Program spesification and verification)
MA 100 (Basic mathematics)
MA 104 (Linear algebra and vectors)
MA 105 (Mathgematical analysis)
MA 108 (Finite mathematics)
MA-IN 118 (Algorithms and recursion)
ST 101 (Basic statistics)
EXPHIL (Examen philosophicum)